Unity is a 26-minute documentary which was directed remotely by filmmaker, Shreya Patel during COVID-19. It has 100 cast members gathered from 66 countries on 6 different continents. Unity showcases the plight of the human spirit. It also explores the disparity that exists between industrialized and developing nations.

Unity was released under the messaging #LOVESPREADS faster than a virus created by Podcast Host, Sachit Gupta (Conscious Creator) and filmmaker, Shreya Patel.


“ Watching this for a second time and I am still completely moved to tears by this beautiful piece. It’s so lovely seeing everyone from all walks of life, different backgrounds and different cultures and countries come together for something like this. All united in love ❤️ Thank you for sharing this! ”

Krystal Lawton

“The world won’t be the same after COVID. Your documentary freezes this moment in time and will allow us and generations to come to remember experience and witness this pandemic. This is powerful. May it bring us all closer together.”

Omar Bawa, Goodwall

“Wow ! Inspiring and interesting stories.”

Anu Patel

“Perfect example of Unity in Diversity (or Pandemic)! Here’s a great example of humans using talent, energy and spirit during this #pandemic times bringing together perspectives on long forgotten theme – #Unity. Crisis and challenges only brings people together on this #journeybackhome and #resilience and vulnerability of human beings.”

Vismay S

“Amazing work Shreya. So proud of you.Thank you for spreading awareness, most importantly kindness during a time when we need it the most. Loved the film. #Wereallinthistogether #Unity”

Kim Dhillon

“Love love love this Shreya! You have a beautiful heart and it can be seen clearly through this Documentary. Thank you for sharing! <3”

Jacqueline Ambrosia

“ An absolutely uniting piece, made for both now and for our future generations! Proud to be on this earth. Amazing work to all involved. Thank you!

Joshua Pivato, Twin Charade

“Amazing work! Only a few people will ever know how much work went into this in such a small amount of time ”

Ankit Patel

Unity Full Documentary



Unity Official Theme Song

Filmmaker Shreya Patel & Podcaster Sachit Gupta Launches #LOVESPREADS For Global Artists & “Unity” Documentary To Connect The World During These COVID Times

Activist and filmmaker Shreya Patel returns with her latest documentary Unity (set to launch on May 23 on YouTube) which shows the global resilience of humanity as well co-founding #LOVESPREADS, along with podcaster Sachit Gupta, to help fellow artists who are challenged by the COVID-19 induced economic uncertainty. Patel shares with us her thoughts on the global contribution to her film and the value of art during the time of Coronavirus.

Sarnia model-turned-filmmaker releasing COVID-19 documentary, Unity

Even in the midst of a pandemic, Sarnia’s Shreya Patel can’t stop creating cinematic art.
The model turned filmmaker and activist, who once wore the crown of Miss Teen Sarnia, is putting the finishing touches on a 30-minute documentary that examines how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting youth.
Patel’s film, Unity, features videos sent in from over 60 countries. It’s about young people speaking about their hopes, their aspirations – as well as their fears and struggles during this most uncertain of times.

Sarnia documentary filmmaker’s new project is about COVID-19

An actress, model and filmmaker who grew up in Sarnia has made Unity, a new short documentary about the COVID-19 outbreak, set for release May 23 on YouTube.
Shreya Patel – a former Miss Teen Sarnia and Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list nominee – made the documentary film from video contributions made by young people in more than 60 countries around the world. They responded to her call for stories about how they are experiencing life during the global pandemic.

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