reVnt – Discover YOU

reVnt – Discover YOU is an initiative to help empower those youth who have survived trauma to find strength in their troubled situation and channel it into being confident through art. Workshops also include spreading awareness about topics such as bullying, body image, and mental health,
among many others.

Currently partnered with Youth Assisting Youth to build a Girl's Empowerment program running for 8 weeks in two different high schools.

Our founder, Shreya Patel has been invited to many speaking events, panels as well as one-on-one mentoring sessions. The topics she excels in and covers are girl’s empowerment, mental health, body image, making it without a mentor, and human trafficking.

Conversation with Shreya Patel

Q&A with Shreya Patel

Shreya Patel shares her story of resilience

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Mental health episode 2

Episode 7 : Shreya Patel

Girl’s Talk with Harjeet Dhillon Epi 15 on NJ Digital TV

Podcast Interview

Sex Trafficking in Canada

Actress, documentarian, and BellLetsTalk ambassador, Shreya Patel

Mental Health Raw and Open with Special Guest Shreya Patel

Shreya Patel – “It’s time to get uncomfortable. It’s time to Girl Up”

Podcast with actress, writer, director and mental health advocate Shreya Patel

Girl Up with Shreya Patel

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