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Girl Up is a 50-minute documentary feature film directed, produced, and written by filmmaker Shreya Patel, about a young woman’s journey from being a domestic human trafficking victim to fighting back to take her life back. The documentary sheds light on domestic human trafficking that happens regularly in the first world countries, but no one wants to know or talk about it. It also stars MP Laurie Scott and Journalist Tamara Cherry. Girl Up had a world premiere at the 18th Annual Filmi: Toronto’s South Asian Film Festival. Toronto International Film Festival found reviews about Girl Up and partnered with it to showcase it at the Civic Action Summit where the documentary was used to start a conversation on how to combat human trafficking which was followed by a panel discussion with civic leaders including elected officials, senior business executives, and community advocates.

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1 review for Girl Up Documentary

  1. Cameron Bailey – Toronto International Film Festival, Artistic Director and Co-Head of TIFF

    A film can spark a conversation. And a tough conversation can lead to real change. Film is a powerful way to shine a spotlight on serious issues and put a face and story to what is sometimes seen as just a series of statistics. Girl Up, a documentary by Toronto filmmaker, Shreya Patel highlights the issue of human sex trafficking in Toronto effortlessly.

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