Window Dreams Productions

Window Dreams Production is an award-winning production house that specializes in impact-production. Our internationally acclaimed leadership works onsite or remotely, and is committed to creativity, storytelling, and maximizing your project exposure.

Our documentary Girl Up has been chosen by the Toronto International Film Festival and has been showcased at the 2019 Civic Action Summit. It is one of the most sought-after films that sheds light on violence and human trafficking. Our typical projects include corporate videos, documentaries, music videos, films, podcasts, or poems.

WDP was founded in 2015 by a Women’s Achiever Award Honoree and former international model, Shreya Patel and is currently running under shared leadership with the multitalented writer, producer, and comedian, Rabiya Mansoor.


Girl Up

Girl Up is a 50-minute documentary feature film directed, produced, and written by filmmaker Shreya Patel, about a young woman's journey from being a domestic human trafficking victim to fighting back to take her life back. The documentary sheds light on domestic human trafficking that happens regularly in the first world countries.


Unity is a 26-minute documentary which was directed remotely by filmmaker, Shreya Patel during COVID-19. It has 100 cast members gathered from 66 countries on 6 different continents. Unity showcases the plight of the human spirit. It also explores the disparity that exists between industrialized and developing nations.


Beautiful Bodies, Lonely Souls

Beautiful Bodies, Lonely Souls is a spoken word poem which explores the loneliness that today’s generation is facing in this world where they are wanting to be deeply loved but the feelings are just dead. It sheds light on millennials who are facing insecurity and is constantly seeking validation from others while also not putting efforts in building a relationship but wanting to be cared for

Unity, The Poem

Unity, The Poem is a spoken word poem which showcased how COVID-19 bought the world together during isolation making us realize that we are not alone and what we may feel has divided us is connecting us. No matter where we are from and what language we speak, we are going through the same thing. Unity, the poem makes us realize that the world is smaller than we think.

Music Video

Freedom Dance

Freedom Dance is a single by DJ Faynyx directed by Shreya Patel and Kawachi that personifies the concept of freedom through the intertwining of art and music within the storytelling in a myriad of different contexts.

reVnt – Discover YOU

reVnt – Discover YOU

reVnt – Discover YOU is an initiative to help empower those youth who have survived trauma to find strength in their troubled situation and channel it into being confident through art. Workshops also include spreading awareness about topics such as bullying, body image, and mental health, among many others.